About Sailfest

Sailfest came in first place in The Day 2016 readers’ choice contest for best Festival/Fair!

Welcome to the 40th annual Sailfest! Sailfest 2017 will be held July 7th-9th. Sailfest is Southeastern Connecticut’s premiere summertime event, which attracts over 300,000 people. Complete with a major fireworks display, amusement rides, free entertainment, Tall Ships, and over 200 vendors lining the streets. There will be plenty to see, buy, and eat, so make sure to come hungry and ready to try new food! Throughout New London’s waterfront park and nearby streets, you’ll find:

Music, Music, Music

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Locally hand-made crafts, art, clothing and jewelry are just a few of the things among the vast array of wares for sale from over 250 vendors lining the streets. Each vendor has something different to offer! Be sure to stop by the Cabela’s booth in the Parade Plaza for all your outdoor sporting needs, or to one of our two dog treat vendors to take something home for man’s best friend!


Sailfest has plenty of delicious food for everyone’s needs. Whether you crave American food like Fat Boy’s Short Rib Grilled Cheese, or Italian desserts from Simply Cannoli our vendors have what you want. With ice cream, jerky, frozen lemonade, pizza, beef-fat fries, fried plantains, and egg rolls, Sailfest is the melting pot of event food.

Other Entertainment

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Thank you for joining us. We’re glad to have you as part of this year’s Sailfest.

New at Sailfest

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In these tough economic times, corporate sponsorships are becoming more and more difficult to come by. At the same time, our costs to operate Sailfest continue to rise. That’s why the Downtown New London Association is now asking for your support. Please help us continue to offer this fun, free, family event by clicking below to donate.